Stewart Lemoine is a Canadian playwright, director, and producer. Lemoine is based in Edmonton, Alberta and from 1982-2007 was the Artistic Director of Teatro la Quindicina. In 2008 he became Teatro's resident playwright, working on his own original comedies and mentoring the troupe's new writers at Old Strathcona's Varscona Theatre.

Lemoine has written over sixty plays in the course of his career. He is the winner of five Sterling Awards for The Glittering Heart (1990), The Book of Tobit (1993), The Noon Witch (1995), Pith (1998) and At the Zenith of the Empire (2006). He received a Dora Mavor Moore Award for The Vile Governess and Other Psychodramas (1986). He won the New York International Fringe Festival’s Award for Overall Excellence in Playwriting for the remount of Pith! in 2004. In 2008, Lemoine was honoured with the Tommy Banks Performing Arts Award, and in 2013 with the Diamond Jubilee Medal.[1]

Lemoine served as the director for the live improvised soap opera Die-Nasty for two seasons (1996-97, 1997-98), and produced the show for several years after that. Since 1999, he has acted as producer of Oh Susanna!, the Varscona Theatre's monthly variety show. He is currently working on his show entitled "The Addlepated Nixie" with the graduating class of performance arts at Grant MacEwan Community College in Edmonton Alberta.



  • All These Heels (1982)
  • My Miami Melody (1985)
  • The Vile Governess and Other Psychodramas (1986)
  • Cocktails at Pam's (1986)
  • Damp Fury(1988)
  • Two Tall Too Thin (1992)
  • Shockers Delight! (1993)
  • The Book of Tobit (1993)
  • Connie in Egypt (1994)
  • The Noon Witch (1995)
  • Evelyn Strange (1995)
  • Fall Down Go Boom: A Skater's Tragedy (1996)
  • The Velvet Shock (1996)
  • Pith! (1997)
  • The Rules of Irene (1998)
  • Skirts on Fire (2000)
  • On the Banks of the Nut (2001)
  • Eros and the Itchy Ant (2002)
  • The Exquisite Hour (2002)
  • Vidalia (2002)
  • The Margin of the Sky (2003)
  • The Salon of the Talking Turk (2005)
  • A Momentary Lapse (2005)
  • A Grand Time in the Rapids (2005)
  • At the Zenith of the Empire (2005)
  • Hey, Countess (2006)
  • East of My Usual Brain (2007)
  • A Rocky Night for His Nibs (2008)
  • Happy Toes (2008)



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